We’re the Knights of the Round Table, we kick traitor-ass whene’er we’re able!

4 07 2012

July’s Game Night came with heat and a side helping of sweat. But that didn’t deter our dedicated dice-rollers from daring to deploy three different games! We even had two new players this time, the lovely Faith and the largely Mason*. It’s always nice to have new players and I hope to see them again soon!

The night began with a couple of light rounds of The Resistance, which was thankfully able to accommodate all 6 of us, (myself, Dav, Fitz, and Daly also in attendance.) Resistance is a great variation on the traditional Mafia party game. In this version, 2 players are secretly selected to be spies and are known only to each other. The entire group must use successive rounds of voting to hopefully ferret out the villains. The mechanics are simple and quickly taught- it’s the assessment of other players’ trustworthiness, (and eventually the yelling, as Dav pointed out,) where the game really gets exciting. It’s a fun one for me. We played two games and in the first, Fitz and I won as the spies, and in the second the group won against Faith and Dav.

Next we played Bohnanza, another good game for a larger group, this one focusing on barter. The rules for this one are relatively simple, but are somehow always difficult for me to teach. Nevertheless, we soon got rolling and the serious trading began. It’s always fun making promises to get what you want… Keeping promises, on the other hand… Well, let’s just say I like having new players who don’t yet know not to trust me. Not, mind you, that it did me any good. New kid Mason creamed everyone, winning the game with 16 points! The next highest were 11, 11, 10, 7, and 5. Better keep an eye on him from now on.

Then we wrapped the night with a hardcore nerd game, as Faith had been promised that she’d get to see just how geeky Game Night can get. Shadows Over Camelot with the Merlin’s Company expansion filled the role nicely. After explaining to Faith what a “hit point” was, the rest of the rules explanation went relatively painlessly. Mason, meanwhile, being an old-school D&D player, took to it like a pig in mud.  The cooperative nature of the game was a nice change of pace for the night, but the challenge was intense. A Traitor was indeed in our midst, suspected early on by the valiant King Arthur, (me.) But the game played oddly long this time. Our Evil card draws were never too terrible and we mostly spent forever watching the Grail and Excalibur quests go back and forth, never quite reaching full victory or defeat. Even after a good 90 minutes, there was only 1 or 2 swords, (out of 12) on the table. It was just incredibly slow. Eventually Squire Mason had to leave, but not without having had a fantastic time. I have a feeling he’ll be back. Not long after, Sir Dav also had to leave and nobly sacrificed himself on his way out in order to give each of the rest of us an additional hit point. This left just myself, Lady Faith, Sir Fitzy, and Lord Daly. Finally, we managed to get Excalibur, but I had a strong feeling it was due to lots of good cards being secretly thrown away into the Lake by none other than the shifty-eyed Lord Daly. He’d been a little too quiet the whole game and really seemed to spend too long gazing into the depths of the Rulebook. Now that we had the white swords from the Excalibur quest secured the Round Table held 4 white and 5 black. If we could just get 3 more white swords, we’d win… unless the Traitor then revealed himself. Since the Grail Quest was nearly complete, and would give us all 3 swords in one step, I moved my token there and began assembling the troops. I assigned Sir Fitzy and Lady Faith the task of staying home in Camelot to search for new Grail cards which I could then trade from them on my turn with my special power. But I continued stringing Daly along, right up until I determined we were possibly within one round of winning. And then I accused his traitorous ass! Which he was! Standing fully revealed in his aura of Evil, the Dark Lord Daly exercised his taunting power and swiped a card from Sir Fitzy: the last Grail card we needed to win! Arghhh!!! The race was on. The Knights raced to deliver me the final Grail card with the last of their remaining strength. Finally, I acquired a Special White Card which allowed me to move Merlin to the Quest of my choice. Summoning the wizard to my side I was now able to draw white cards on my own. Finally, on my next turn, just like Mel Gibson in Maverick, I drew a White Grail Card and won the game! What a finish! And what a game! Shadows frequently lasts only about 90-120 minutes, but this session lasted over 3 hours!

July Game Night was a grand ol’ time and I’m looking forward to the next one!

*6 feet and 8 inches full of hit points and d20s!




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