I like butt nuggets!*

2 08 2012

Or so said someone at our epic Geek Weekend North: Hamptons-style! Earlier this summer, Dav, Fitz, and myself joined Fix at his parents’ summer place in the Hamptons for a weekend of games, games, beer, and more games!

Will we play them all?

Will we drink them all?

The drive out there took a few hours, so we left early on Friday and managed to arrive in time to catch Fix in the shower after his day of yardwork. We sat there ringing the doorbell for several minutes until I finally decided to begin walking around the house where I discovered Fix in the outdoor shower, blessedly with a sufficient fence surrounding it. Seeing his dripping mop of hair and goofy grin peer at us over the fence was quite a sight, and quite a fun way to begin the weekend. Being dinnertime, we fixed some food first, surprising ourselves at our collaborative culinary competence. Dinner that first night came together with flair: a nice salad, sauteed portabella & kale, & thanks to Fitz’s foresight to bring lunchmeat: sandwiches! I know it doesn’t sound like much, but just look at it!


Finally, after feeding, we got down to the business at hand. GAMES! Dav brought an excellent new acquisition, Silverton, the game of Colorado railroading. The game seemed daunting at first, with an intricate board and complex rules, but once we got rolling, we all got into it, especially enjoying the elegant mechanics the game uses to monitor supply and demand and have the market represent appropriate prices for the riches we were supplying to the towns. I had more coal than I knew what to do with, and suffered it’s low prices throughout. Then I was shot dead. Then, when I couldn’t possibly draw *another* bad card, I got sent to jail. The town of Crusted Butt wasn’t sounding so bad. Fitz positively OWNED all the lumber in Colorado, as well as dominated the southwest, and all the players managed to get lucrative silver mines, except myself. But Dav triumphed when, in a single game-ending move, he earned $19,000 and won the game. This was a great game that I can’t wait to try again. Incidentally, there is an updated version of the game with fancier graphics, which we suppose may make the game initially easier to understand.

Notice our railroad baron pretzel-rod cigars?

Sometime between Silverton and Saturday’s epic War of the Ring we managed to squeeze in a couple light games of  Zombie Fluxx. In the first round, no one won, as the Un-Goal card came into play. And in the second Dav pulled off another slick victory.

Saturday morning dawned bright and beautiful, perfect beach weather, so we decided to skip over to the bay, just a 5 minute walk around the corner, and take a refreshing morning dip… before locking ourselves back inside with stacks of cards and dice! After enjoying on the deck a delectable pancake breakfast, smothered in real maple syrup and cottage cheese, and made complete with bacon and black coffee, we began the laborious process of setting up and going over the rules for War of the Ring! An hour later, we began playing. Dav & I played as the Free Peoples of Middle Earth versus the evil might of the forces of Darkness, as commanded by the Black Lord Fitz and the Smelly Lord Fix. It was a tight game and easily lasted the bulk of the day, but we managed to just eek out victory, with only Frodo, Sam & Gollum surviving to dump the One Ring in the Crack of Doom, just before succumbing to the total corruption of the Dark & Odiferous.

The Ring shall be mine!

For lighter fare, we embarked on one of our group’s long-standing favorites: Shadows Over Camelot, and for the first time with my newly acquired Merlin’s Company expansion. One of our favorite parts of this game is the possibility that there may be a traitor in our midst. One of everyone ELSE’S favorite parts of the game seems to be accusing ME of being said traitor. So when Fix decided that my questionable moves were evidence of treachery, he wrongly accused me of being the traitor (just because he couldn’t understand the higher-level thinking and planning I was doing!) and then dubbed me Sir Bumbleton, the loyal, but confused knight. Of course, this erroneous move laid extra black swords on the table, helping the real traitor, DAV, who we managed to out before the end of the game. We then embarked on a looooong end-game and almost managed to pull out a win. There were 11 swords on the table, 7 of them white, and a quest was about to end, which would have placed the 12th and final sword, ending the game, with White winning! However, the quest ended such that it laid another Siege Engine on the table at the same time- the 12th Siege Engine. Which LOST the game to Dav and the Dark. Talk about the skin of his teeth!

Dinner on Sunday was another treat, as Dav grilled up a delicious pork tenderloin, to which we added a parsley pesto, salad and couscous. Fitz has photos of these- maybe he’ll be so kind as to upload them somewhere and link to them in the comments. I don’t know why we don’t eat this well back home!

Not content to rest, we crammed in one more new game before bed, the new Dungeons & Dragons: Lords of Waterdeep worker-placement/resource-management game. It’s basically just like Agricola, but faster and easier, (there’s less of the “Oh, no, my family’s gonna starve!” in the game.) It’s easy to understand with gorgeous pieces and we enjoyed two quick games. I won the first, and Dav the second.

Proof that Geeks neither dissolve in water nor catch fire in sunlight!

Sunday morning saw another quick dip in the water, lest we be accused of not taking proper advantage of our vacation in the Hamptons, an easy breakfast of cereal and eggs, and then rampant diseases and destruction as FIVE diseases ripped round the world in Pandemic, played with Fix as the Bioterrorist from the On The Brink expansion. We got lucky by curing a disease early in the game, which led to a really looong and drawn out game. It should be noted that at some point during the game, Dav uttered the words “I’ve held a guy’s package at an airport.” I don’t know why, but it’s written down in my notes from the weekend, so it must be important. Anyway, despite locking Fix in jail twice, as the game dragged on, it finally became clear we were not going to win. We even managed to cure 4 of the 5 diseases, but still managed to lose.

At this point, Fitz had to leave us to attend a friend’s wedding that evening, lest Rachel leave him. After dropping him at the train station, (he was positively EAGER to go, Rach, honest!) we got in a quick and fun game of Munchkin, in which Kris DESTROYED the other players and then we began… wait. Let me just say something. We thought War of the Ring was epic. This next game made WotR look like Candy Land. Space Empire is not for the faint of heart. After nearly 6 hours we still hadn’t even come close to finishing and I had become completely lost. So I wimped out and forfeited. Well, it was a bit of feeble ending on my part to an absolutely fantastic weekend, but them’s the breaks. After packing up our games and swimsuits, we wolfed down some BLT sandwiches and headed back to the city. Altogether, I estimate we managed to squeeze in some 50 hours of gaming! Let’s do this again sometime!

Where’s all the Beer gone?


*I think it was in reference to mining gold nuggets at Crested Butte in Silverton. I hope.




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5 08 2012
Jason Fitz

More photos! Beach, War of the Rings, and Dav’s delicious dinner:

10 08 2012
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