Panic Station + Space Alert = Don’t Panic! ah… H2G2 makes me smile.

22 06 2012

Hey there, hi there, ho there, you lucky game-o-philes! That’s right, I’m finally getting around to the written wrap-up of our monthly gaming adventure! So without further ado…

Groceries! That’s how I began the night, anyway. Arriving late to my own Game Night due to the need for sustenance, and even keeping poor Stuart and Fix waiting. But it was worth it since I bought a giant bucket of cheese balls. I’ll tell ya, those things look tempting, and they even taste tempting, kinda like crack, but, oooogggg, they sit like a rock. Especially when you all but finish 2 gallons in an evening. But enough about our gastrointestinal issues! The highlight of the night was our new addition! (No, Stuart and Zoe’s baby did not come early.) Friend Will recently moved to the neighborhood and we managed to trick  convince him to join us. A weary Dav rounded out our group at five. (Mathilda’s teething, apparently. See what you have to look forward to, Stu!)

We started our gaming this evening, (this is a blog about games, remember?) with Dav’s new Panic Station, which is basically Mafia, (or Werewolf, or Resistance, etc,) but with a really nicely done modular tile-based board game/exploration mechanic wherein the players actually have to turn over new map tiles and move their tokens to explore the map and destroy the source of the infection, as well as killing off the infected. The infected, of course, have to try to keep their status secret and move to be in the same room as another player in order to infect them. This added physical aspect of the game, (which reminds me a lot of Zombies!!!,) is a really creative addition to the Mafia base game. I wasn’t sold entirely on it being worth playing over The Resistance, but that may have been because I was the infected and managed to lose miserably, infecting a total of ONE other player, and that only at the very end of the game. Everyone else seemed to have a lot more fun- go figure!

Next we played Space Alert! which is fast becoming a major favorite. Wil looked a bit intimidated as we explained the basics, but performed admirably in his first tutorial mission, which we WON! Too bad it was only a simulation. With our spirits buoyed we tried a real mission, complete with internal threats, the C button, and robots. Naturally, those fickle, fickle robots, being so hard to control, were the death of us. Thinking I was so smart, I managed to pull a Daly instead. Yep, I flew off with the robots to cover our ass with the short range fighters but launched with the wrong card, triggering a mulligan, which then forced me to land, and subsequently our ship was destroyed by the last enemy attacker. Nuts. I hear the expansion is really great, (it scores a 8.75 on BoardGameGeek!) but I really think we need to get better at the game to justify buying it. Especially considering I’ve just bought two new games: Dungeons & Dragons- Lords of Waterdeep, and the Shadows Over Camelot expansion, Merlin’s Company.

I finally did a bit of maintenance and have logged my entire game collection on BGG. So now we can peruse it remotely and maybe even decide in advance what we’d like to play! (Yeah, right.) Anyhow, you can check it out here:
Mr. Burp’s Games!

Until next time!

Oh, and guess whose letter was printed in a comic this month?? 🙂