Phlying Physics Phun!

22 03 2012

Quick tangent today. (Oh- tangential tangent that’s not as removed from this blog as the original tangent: Remember Tangent Comics? What the heck was that? From Marvel or something? I can barely remember, but I think it stunk.) #Video Games, #Casual Gaming, #Android, #Rovio, #Angry Birds, #Space!, #NASA!!!!

Biiiiirds iiiiiin spaaaaace!

This is amazing. I just didn’t dream Rovio would have such a smart innovation up their sleeve for this latest iteration of Angry Birds. Even as I launched that first red bird, I just didn’t know what was going to make this game special. And then…, just as I thought I missed the pig on my first shot, my bird got caught in the gravity well of the asteroid, slingshotted (slingshat?) around the asteroid once, twice, and then took out the pig! This game is going to be epic fun.

But wait, there’s more. Here, watch the NASA trailer video:

Angry Birds on the ISS!

Rovio’s got lots of good videos advertising this game, but this one’s by far the best and most exciting. Space is back, baby, and MATH makes it possible! And Angry Birds and Rovio help show how it’s FUN!!!

So, yeah, I heartily recommend this game. It’s fun, and I admire and applaud Rovio for trying to do something so noble with it at the same time.